How To Do What You Want

Short answer: Stop being afraid of it!

I am Olivia.

I am awkward. I am introverted but also easily excitable. I am weird. I am in love with EVERY SINGLE animal. I am a songwriter and also a regular writer. I love food and I love booze and I love experiencing new things. I live for excitement and adventure and if I don’t feel it pumping through my veins like that warmth in your tummy from the first shot of whiskey, I feel like the morning after ten shots of whiskey.

I don’t believe in 9 to 5’s. Apparently, I do believe in clichés. I also believe that I am not a cliché, but a person who craves the same freedom that many others do, and that plenty of others don’t. It’s not because I’m young, or I live in an outdoorsy state, or everyone else is doing it. It’s because that’s who I am. And I’m no longer afraid to live the life I want.


I’m not rich. I’m not “young entrepreneur quit her corporate job to become a millionaire and travel the world” or “use these 5 tips to work in your pajamas.” I am, in fact, a broke college student. Here’s the thing though: I may be limited in how far or how much I can travel, or how much I can spend at restaurants each week, or how fancy of makeup or clothes I can buy, but there are ways to feel free and gain new experiences on a budget. If there weren’t, like I said: life would be like an eternal hangover, but without the fun of the night before.

The purpose of this blog is to show that you can live whatever life you want. If you want to explore, start by exploring the city you live in. If you want to look stylish like a coveted Instagram Beauty Queen, you can shop cheap at thrift stores or Forever 21 (basically where I live, even though 21 is but a hazy memory quickly fading in my rearview mirror). If you want to experience new foods or bars, pick a hole in the wall place, or set aside part of your budget for that fancy bar with the dim lights and contemporary design and the bowtie-and-handlebar-moustache-sporting bartender. If you want to get out of town, take a roadtrip and just see a place you’ve never seen, even if it’s only a couple hours away. What I’m saying is, pick the things that have value to you, and vow to not leave them in a corner gathering dust behind all that other “life stuff” that somehow became the center of your existence. What I’m saying is, live a little.

This website will be a collection of the experiences I have living a little (budget-friendly edition). In it I will share my music, my thoughts on life, product and restaurant reviews, things about animals (especially my dog Howard the Cuteness: more on him later), all things alcoholic, all things foodaholic, style and beauty, exploration of the city I live in, and exploration of the world as I gradually see it.

Those are the things I love, so that is the lifestyle I’m creating.

Life is too short to live someone else’s way, so don’t be afraid to live it yours.

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