Food in Denver: TAG Burger Bar

There’s nothing like a great burger. If you have to unhinge your jaw to eat it, the person who made it did something right. There are a lot of great burgers in Denver, but the people I trust to give me that jaw-popping-out-of-socket-but-I-don’t-even-care-because-it-tastes-so-good burger that I often crave are at TAG Burger Bar. 

The Andrew Jackson: the largest burger at TAG

Unlike many burger places, when you walk into TAG there is no cheesy 1950’s diner decor but instead, a hip, friendly down to earth vibe. It’s a small restaurant, but it feels cozy rather than stuffy, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular neighborhood hangout. 

On the menu, you’ll find a variety of unique and delicious burger options from the plain-jane Old School to the intricately piled-on Andrew Jackson. A couple of my favorites are the Los Chingones (with guacamole, pepper jack, cilantro, red onion, chorizo, pico, and chipotle aioli) and the Blind In Texas (with chile-rubbed crispy onions, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and chipotle bbq sauce). As you can see, if you want Mexican, Barbeque, Italian, or almost any other type of food, you can have it in burger form here! 

TAG American Slam 🍔

Don’t go stopping at the burgers though! With any burger, you need a side. The number one go-to side here is the truffle aioli & parmesean fries. In fact, you can have these on the side of anything! Having one of those rare days where you’re not feeling a burger? Why not carb it up and try the mac and cheese? TAG has a build-your-own style mac and cheese with almost amy flavor combinations you can think of. The (literal) topper? Gold fish and Cheez-it crumb topping. 

Chorizo and pico de gallo mac & cheese. With the Truffle Aioli & Parmesean fries of course!

An unexpected must-have at this burger haven are the fried pickles. TAG makes their own pickles, and you get an un-fried one for free with your burger so no matter what you’ll get to try these yummy guys on their own. But fried, these pickles reach a whole new level! 

Lastly, to end your meal, TAG has some amazing desserts. If you’re over 21, try one of their 7 adult shakes. They like their cereal over there as is apparent with their Cinnamon Toast Crush shake and their Oh Captain My Captain shake which features Crunch Berries on top. If you’re not such a cereal fan, there are other just as yummy options. Or you can skip the shake all together and go for some fried oreos with a Nutella drizzle. Talk about a sugar high. 

So, if you’re in Denver and you’re looking for a place to have a unique all-American meal, look no further than TAG Burger Bar.

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