Style Wednesday: Look of the Week

Welcome to Style Wednesday, the day for fashion, makeup, and design! 

I love to look my best (although I’m usually too lazy or don’t have time to do so) and when I put effort into it, I find that I have a ton more confidence than when I don’t. It’s also so fun to create a new outfit from an old group of clothes, to get your makeup just perfect, and to pick out the perfect accessories to pull all of it together. That being said, it’s also super fun to sleep in. I try to do the impossible and pry myself out of bed early at least once a week so I can look fly as hell but hopefully writing a “look of the week” post consistently will encourage me to do get up and look good every day (or most days, let’s not get carried away). Maybe it’ll give you some fashion and/or makeup inspiration too! I’m constantly trying to work on confidence, so even if reading this just helps you find a new foundation you love, I’m happy to help you feel more confident too.

So, without further blabbering, here’s the look from this week that I loved the most and felt the best in:

Dress: Olive green knee-length bodycon sweater dress from Forever 21. Shoes: Black suede lace-up heeled booties from Forever 21
EditThis was a new dress I wore on an overcast, chilly day for some business downtown (these are my walkin’ heels). I had only worn it once before but didn’t dress it up at all, so I was excited to actually do it justice. It fits like a glove and is very flattering in fit and color. I love that it can be worn for day and night so if I wanted, I could have gone out to dinner or the bars and not felt like I wanted to go home and change. It also looks classy, but not too mature which is perfect for someone like me in her mid-twenties who wants to look like an adult, but not like someone her mother’s age.

Earrings: Forever 21. Makeup: Smashbox Photo Finish primer, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation, brown eyebrow filling powder, Stila liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow pallete, Maybelline Color Sensational Mauve-ulous lipstick

I really like this makeup look because it looks done, but not overly made-up. It’s also done with mostly drugstore products! I splurge on the two products that aren’t from the drugstore for a reason. Any beauty buffs out there have no doubt heard of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer as the Holy grail of primers, and my God, they ain’t lyin’! This stuff is great! I have extremely oily skin and large pores and I stayed shineless and pore-free all day. The Stila liquid liner is also popular among beauty lovers. It doesn’t flake or smudge all day and it comes in TWELVE different colors! I haven’t tried any of the other colors but if the rest are as good as the black, I’ll no doubt be buying some of those too in the near future. 

As you can see, I shop cheap. But cheap can still look great! Remember: life on a budget can be a struggle (I had to give up my Smashbox primer for a cheaper NYX one. I know, life is hard) but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feelin’ or lookin’ grooooovy.

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