California Pt. 2: Fresh, Fun, and Freaking Delicious Food

Today’s post will be a short one due to some health issues I’m dealing with. More on that later.

Anywhooo, welcome to part two of my BFF California vacation: the food! 

As you may know, I love trying new restaurants and regional foods. In Santa Monica, we were shown an awesome taco place by a friend, where I ate short rib tacos under palm trees like a true Californian! It was also National Donut Day so at the Promenade they were just GIVING AWAY FREE DONUTS. 

When we got to California, I was most excited to finally have fresh seafood again. Growing up in Houston, I had plenty of great seafood and I really miss it living in Denver. My favorite meal while there was seered scallops in tomato basil risotto. It. Was. So. Good. You guys. I had never had a full plate of scallops (only tried bites in the past) and it turned out that this was the perfect place to do it. If you’re gonna have scallops, definitely do it on the coast! I also can’t say no to a great risotto. I mean, who can? 

Food is one of my favorite things in life and California definitely didn’t disappoint. I’ll be dreaming of you until next time, left coast food. 

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