It’s Tipsy Tuesday! The Best Tuesday Event in Denver You Probably Didn’t Know About

I know… it was Thirsty Thursday before and I keep changing it. But, I mean what day is really the right one to talk about booze? I’m going with today.

If you’re from Denver, then first of all, don’t be a dick about it and second of all, you’ve probably heard of¬†Stem Ciders. Hell, if you’ve moved or even been here in the past 3 years there’s no way you missed it because they blew up the cider scene as soon as their taproom opened in 2014.


If you haven’t heard the news, Stem is a cider company which brews a variety of delicious ciders, all of which are on the drier side. If you’re tired of that sickly sweet Angry Orchard, this is the cider for you. They also release new ciders fairly often and feature guest taps.

One of my favorite things about Stem is their almost nightly events. Wednesday is trivia night and on Thursday you can get down to some live music, usually bluegrass or folk. In my opinion though, the best night is Tuesdays Рpairing night!

Cider + Cider Donuts = Heaven

Every week they feature a local restaurant whose food they pair with their own ciders. I’ve tried meat, cheese, cake, macaroons, chocolate, and donuts but they’re always coming up with new pairings. Tonight’s pairing, bugs and chocolate, was a little too much for me, but you can’t say it isn’t interesting!

The atmosphere at Stem is quintessential Denver, with a folksy indoor taproom filled with wood decor that any flanneled patron would feel at home in and an equally woody, dog-friendly outdoor patio with hanging strings of lights that somehow feels cozy and urban at the same time.

Enjoy your cider outside on the patio under under sparkling lights. #romantic

It’s only $20 for a 4 cider flight and food pairing, and if you’re not ready for the party to stop when you’re done with that, try the cider slushes for a refreshing summer night’s treat. If you’re like me and you love trying new food on a budget (and delicious booze too!) Stem Ciders is the place to be on a Tuesday in Denver.

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